XI Gazte Topaketa

From November 21 to 25, we held the eleventh edition of “Gazte Topaketa” in Brussels, an activity that aims to bring the European institutions closer to Basque youth. A group of students from the Faculty of Law of the University of the Basque Country moved to Brussels at the hands of the Foundation. Difficulties were not lacking along the way, as Belgium is, together with the Netherlands and Austria, one of the areas most affected by the pandemic. In this way, they have been one of the very few groups of visitors who have been able to go to the European Parliament, which only opened its doors a couple of days before the arrival of our group, to close them again after our departure. Other visits took place at the Euskadi headquarters in Brussels, which very kindly provided us with its facilities for this purpose. From the Foundation, in our desire to promote the European spirit and prosperous coexistence among young people, we will continue to organize these visits, although we trust that in a normalized context and without the great limitations that the current health situation has imposed on us.

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