Privacy policy

We protect privacy and express our greatest commitment to the direct use of the personal data we treat. This policy describes how we can treat such data and the rights of users to their personal data on this website and, if appropriate, any subsystems.

Jurisdiction and jurisdiction
If a conflict or dispute arises concerning the interpretation of these conditions or any aspect relating to the services of this Web Gune, the applicable jurisdiction and regulations shall be of Spanish origin, and the competent courts shall be of Bilbo.

Your permission.
Please read this policy carefully and make sure you understand and agree with it before we use any of our services or provide your personal data, and, if you disagree with that, do not use this website or its services and do not provide your data. We shall understand that access to this area, the use of any local service or the delivery of your data is a clear affirmative act, whereby you allow us to treat your data for the purposes hereafter indicated.

Who’s responsible for treating your data?

  • Leizaola Foundation
  • IFZ G95573325
  • Zabalburu Square 2 bis, right floor. 48003 Bilbo, Biscay, Spain

How did we get your data?
If you’re a customer, you’ve given them to us outside of this website, when we ask for our services, so we can maintain our contractual relationship with you.

If you have provided the data to us through this website, we collect information, for example, when you enter the page, fill out any form that requires personal data, download information or content, or communicate directly with us.

We can treat and record these uses and associated information by independent or third-party services, as well as by using cookie (if you like, you can get more information about the configuration of the cookie in different navigators, pressed here) and other technologies for continuation.
When you voluntarily enter your personal data, you guarantee that you are qualified to provide this information, and that the information is true, true, accurate, and updated, that it is not confidential, and that it does not violate any contract limits or the rights of third parties.

You have the responsibility to keep your data straight and updated, and if you don’t, the Leizaola Foundation won’t be responsible.

The data of the third.
As for other people’s data, you must respect their privacy and pay special attention to their personal data. We remind you that as a user you can only accept the treatment of your personal data, but not of the third, and that communicating the data of the third is a sample of personal data.

Given the personal data of the third party, it is your responsibility to use these data and to have preliminary and specific permission to inform us, and it is your responsibility to inform us that these data has been included in our files.

The publication of the data of the third party without their consent, in addition to the regulation concerning the protection of the data, shall infringe on the right of honor, privacy, or self-image of the third parties, and the protection of those rights shall be in accordance with the Ordinance of May 5, 1982 on the civil protection of the right of honour, privacy and family.

What are we treating your data for?

We can use them for various purposes, for example:

  1. If you are or may be your current client or assistant, you may or may not be, conduct the services requested in the management of your commissioning (including teaching in the field of instruction, translating, conducting research activities in Euskara and expanding in the field of teaching).
  2. To be in touch and in communication with you, to manage the contractual and/or commercial relationship, including services near sale and guarantee, and the services and/or product management.
  3. If you are only a user of our website, and are not yet a customer or assistant, manage the requests you make outside of this website.
  4. If you provide your curriculum data or send your resume, contact you and manage the selection processes we make.
  5. To offer products and services in your interests; to improve your experience as a user/customer; to further develop, personalize, and improve our services, based on users’/customer preferences, experience and common or personal difficulties, we may make a “commercial profile” based on the information provided, but shall not take an automated decision based on that profile.
  6. In both cases, to be in touch and in communication with you, to conduct inquiries of opinion and/or satisfaction and to send information about our activities, products and/or services (including advertising and/or commercial communications, 21 LSSICE 34/2002).

How long do we keep your data?
The personal data given will be kept for six years, as long as the contractual relationship is terminated, in the case of customers, and as long as you’re a mere user of the website, you don’t ask us to delete that data. Even after these periods, we may maintain them, by limiting their treatment, only to fulfil their legal obligations, and/or to make or defend their claims.

What is the legitimacy of treating your data?
The legal basis on which we are legitimized to treat your data is a cross-party contract (commercial, administrative, occupational, trading, providing services), if you are a current customer or a potential customer, or, for example, a request you made to us through our website, if you are a mere user of it.

Furthermore, as a customer and user of our website through your contact with us, we have a legitimate and appropriate interest in treating your data, including its maintenance and management, with these objectives:

  1. To respond to requests made through our website.
  2. To be able to send commercial information about our activities, products and services (including advertising and/or commercial communications, 21 LSSICE 34/2002), or third organisations that have signed a covenant with any company.
  3. To notify your data to other companies in the group, to provide an integral or specialized service to the customer, requiring the intervention of disciplinary groups and for internal administrative purposes.
  4. Polls of opinion and/or satisfaction
  5. Fraud prevention.

These objectives are compatible with the purpose which we originally used to collect your data (to manage and maintain communication with you and the relationship that binds us), but to provide your data for these purposes is always voluntary, and will always prevail over your interests, rights, or freedoms, so that if you ask us to suppress and stop treating your data for those purposes, we will do so, and we will keep them blocked. If you have formulated, executed, or defended sensitive data that requires special protection, the legitimacy of treating such data is your specific consent. And this consent is a clear affirmative. Which holder can inform you of your data? Data will be communicated to other companies for internal administrative purposes, including the treatment of personal data from clients. We inform you that the data you provide may be communicated to third institutions in order to fulfill the objectives directly related to the legitimate tasks of the sample and the sample holder, such as: 1. When there is a legal obligation to report data to local agencies (tax administration, social security institutions, job inspections), notaries, records, mutualities, courts, lawyers, procurators, peers, and so on. This notification shall always be made in order to fulfil the objectives directly connected with the legitimate tasks of the sample and the sample holder. Two. Bank institutions, the management of collections and payments. Comments made on our profiles on social media can be published on our website and the photo provided in our comments.

If the user gives the personal data of the third party that they may benefit from the services, it indicates that he has their specific permission to notify us, and he is responsible for informing all of them that they have entered our files.

The user is committed to introducing accurate, current, and true data in such a way that it does not confuse users with information, and that it does not replace other users using their registration data in the services and/or content of the Web Gun.

What rights do you have when you give us data?

  1. Right to access, you can ask yourself what personal data we’re treating, and you can ask for a copy of Mismus.
  2. You may ask us to correct unspecified personal data or to supplement the uncompleted, even through an additional statement.
  3. The right to delete data (the right to forget) may require us to delete personal data if such data is not necessary for the purposes of which it was collected, if you withdraw your consent, if such data has been treated unlawfully or a legal obligation has been fulfilled.
  4. You may request us to limit the treatment of your data, in which case we shall reserve them only for making or defending claims.
  5. The right to data portability: you can ask us to return your personal data (to express it to you or a third) in a structured format, common use and mechanical reading.
  6. Right to contradict: you may oppose the treatment of your data if it is based on the legitimate interest of the agent of the file or on advertising purposes.

To take advantage of all these rights, you can address the Leizaola Foundation in writing and signed address: Zabalburu Square 2 bis, right floor, 48003 Bilbo (Bizkaia, Sapain). Anyway, you have to add a copy of your own DNA. If you change your data, you’ll have to report it at the same address, and if you don’t, you’ll have no responsibility for the company.
After any previous request, we’ll answer you in 10 days.

You have the right to claim it in the Spanish Bureau of Protection. If you want more information about the rights you can use, and ask for patterns in the printing press, you can consult the website of the Spanish Agency for Protection of the data:

How did we get your data?
The personal data we do at the Leizaola Foundation is directly from the person concerned.