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This Web Page is the headline of the Leizaola Foundation. Address: Zabalburu square 2 bis right floor, 48003 Bilbao, Spain. Telephone number 94 421 30 31; electronic address:

If hired online, any consumer and user may file complaints and claims or request information about the goods or services offered or hired.

This legal notice shall apply to any other websites, subsystems, and subdivisions available on that website and on this or that website or on any other websites provided by the Leizaola Foundation. All subtitles are owned by the Leizaola Foundation.

When using this website, it will be understood that you have read, understood, and accepted, without any limitation or reservation, the terms of use and the Policy of Privacy provided for in this legal warning, and its use shall be the meaning and absolute acceptance of legal warning and privacy policy in the version published at the time of entry, without hindering the specific conditions or conditions of use applicable to certain specific services. The website, which will have to be approved in advance if you do not agree to the terms of this legal notice, please do not use the website; for the use of the website, as we say, shall include the legal conditions provided for in this text and the privacy policy.

The Leizaola Foundation reserves for itself the right to change the terms and conditions of this website, and to disclose content, information, etc., at any time and without prior notice, and therefore recommends consulting them at a reasonable frequency in case of any change. The activity is not subject to any regulation of pre-administrative leave.


If there is any disagreement between the supporting version and the translated version, any other use rules, policies, and procedures that may be published regularly on this website, our privacy policy or website.

Commercial communications and advertising content

The Leizaola Foundation informs users that under the July 11, 2002 law on the Information and Electronic Services, it may, at any given time, send information about its products, services and activities through electronic mail. If you don’t want to receive electronic communications about our products, services and activities, send an electronic message to the


The website may contain advertising content or may be protected. Announcements and sponsors must only ensure that material sent to the Web site meets the laws and permits applicable in each case. The website’s title shall not be responsible for the errors, errors or irregularities inherent in the content of advertising or sponsors. It will also not be responsible for the sensitivity damage to the website’s users or visitors.

Intellectual property rights and/or industrial rights.

The core of the content and elements of this Web page is the Leizaola Foundation, whose intellectual and industrial property consists primarily of all the source code, text, image, design, logo, computer programs, animations, databases, marks, commercial names, or distinctive signs, sounds and other graphic elements. This list is not closed, but exemplary, and these elements are properly protected in accordance with Spanish and international regulations concerning the Intellectual and Industrial Development.

The user has a duty to exercise his content with care and justice, according to law, morality, and public order.

The Leizaola Foundation allows the user to see the information contained on this website, as well as private reproductions (simple downloading and storing activities in computer systems), even if the elements are for personal use only, and are used for journalistic purposes only, if in both cases its integrity is respected and the original source is identified as having been this Web Gune. It expresses any partial use, outside of the objectives laid down in the preceding paragraph, of the content of the Web, of distributing, redistributing, reproducing, or putting it in public, by any means and technology. This shall require preliminary and specific authorization from the Leizaola Foundation, and any action against this text shall be a violation of industrial and intellectual property rights regulations. However, it is permitted to use https://www. If we respect the integrity of the and identify that the original source was this website belonging to the Leizaola Foundation. Every discreet use of his nature is expressly forbidden. The Leizaola Foundation reserves for itself the proper legal actions to defend its rights.

Passwords and private zone

When a password is sent to him for access to certain services, the user must maintain his exclusive responsibility in all confidentiality and secrecy; he must carefully watch, use, and monitor the password; It shall be the responsibility of the user, and may therefore be attributed to him the damaging consequences that may arise for the title and the title of the Web. If the remainder of the password is stolen, lost or used without permission, the user must report it immediately to the Leizaola Foundation to take appropriate steps, and the user will be responsible for the damage that may result from late notification to the Leizaola Foundation or other users.
The Leizaola Foundation shall by no means be responsible for the circumstances which may arise in relation to personal data, if these circumstances are the result of an unauthorized attack or access to systems, and may not be perceived as a result of established security measures, or of the negligence of the registered customer in regard to the handling and monitoring of access hooks or personal data.



The interest of the Leizaola Foundation is to make this website work with as much efficiency as possible and fulfil the purpose it has, but it is not concerned with the typographic, formal or numerical errors that the website may have, nor with the accuracy of the information contained in it, or the dysfunction or anomalies it may have in its operation.
The Leizaola Foundation does not guarantee that the website and server does not have viruses, nor does it take responsibility for the damage caused by access to the website or its inability to access it.
The Leizaola Foundation reserves for itself the right to change the terms and conditions of this website, and to disclose content, information, etc., at any time and without prior notice, and therefore recommends consulting them at a reasonable frequency in case of any change. You’ll have to read the new legal warning and usage conditions of the Web site. Otherwise, the Leizaola Foundation will not have to use or acquire the right to interrupt and terminate access to Web Gun content or the service that the website provides.

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The Leizaola Foundation’s websites can facilitate seating or access to other third-party resources or websites that we believe may be of their interest or are necessary to provide some of the services on our websites, but we do not control those websites at all.

The purpose of these stances may be to facilitate the search for resources that interest you through the Internet.

However, these pages are not part of the Leizaola Foundation, nor does it review the contents, and therefore cannot be made responsible for them, or, if appropriate, the damage that may result from the misuse or access of the content, the services and/or the available services, the operation of the linked page, the data they can make, the possible violations or disclosures they may make.

To use this, we recommend you read the Leizaola Foundation and the individuals or organizations that headline these content, or, in particular, the relevant legal notifications, and, in particular, the privacy policies of those pages before personal data is included in them.

If you have any doubts, we recommend you get in direct contact with these sites to get more information about privacy policies. When using this website, we believe the user has read this document carefully and understood and followed his advice. If the user disagrees with this policy of data protection or the advice given by that policy, please do not use our website.