Basque influencers in pandemic times

From left to right, Maitane Junguitu, Garikoitz Larrañaga, Eduardo Gaviña, Gabi de la Maza, Igone Etxebarria, Patxi Gaztelumendi, Beñat Erezuma, Tibalt Alberdi and Andrea Prosper

As we had announced, on February 4 we held an interesting meeting with Basque creators of digital content. A total of eight influencers, moderated by Igone Etxebarria, from the Labayru Foundation, presented their projects to us and told us about their experiences in the digital environment.

Beñat Erezuma, Tibalt Alberdi, Maitane Junguitu, Garikoitz Larrañaga, Andrea Prosper, Gabi de la Maza, Eduardo Gaviña and Patxi Gaztelumendi responded first to some of the questions that Igone Etxebarria asked them, and, after breaking the ice, they entered to address in depth some questions in a debate that lasted for more than two hours. A constant that emerged at the beginning of the meeting and reappeared again and again was the practically (if not totally) disinterested and altruistic nature of the work that these authors develop on the Internet. They do not receive any financial remuneration, or at least they do not do it directly, and their motivation must be found in the love they profess for the Basque language. However, they are capable of mobilizing thousands of Basque speakers who visit their content.

Beñat Erezuma is responsible for the Euskara Satorra website, which also has channels on YouTube and Telegram, and podcasts on Spotify and Ivoox, and teaches Basque to thousands of people. Tibalt Alberdi teaches how to play the guitar on YouTube. For their part, Maitane Junguitu and Garikoitz Larrañaga represent Game Erauntsia, and are dedicated to promoting the world of videogames in Basque and uniting the Basque community present on the internet. Andrea Prosper is the founder and manager of Marrakatue. As an illustrator, she used her skills as a draftsman to capture her experiences in euskaltegi, as she has learned Basque, and has awakened the sympathy and complicity of thousands of people who currently follow her. Gabi de la Maza is one of the great classics of the Basque world on the internet. His karaoke songs are legendary, currently more than 1,300, based on songs in Basque by authors of all kinds, from Benito Lertxundi to Pirritx, Porrotx and Maritomotx. Eduardo Gaviña, Yogurinha Borova, is another icon of the Euskaldun community on the internet. Gavin is a singer, actor and comedian, and the first transvestite writer in Basque that currently exists on the internet. A very beloved figure of the networks, who uses Basque whenever possible. The finishing touch to this magnificent pleiad was put by Patxi Gaztelumendi, author of, who works in areas such as literature, Basque, and publishes articles and interviews on her blog.

Soon we will disseminate the audiovisual document with the full content of this meeting and the revealing conclusions that were raised here.

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